Seo optimization work basic station

Seo optimization work basic station

We all know that the sharpening of the knives is not a mistake, but when we use them in life and work, we can’t solve it correctly. For network optimizer, as long as they can fully understand it. If you say this, it will have a multiplier effect on our work. When we do SEO, we often need to prepare in advance, and optimization within the website is one of the preparations. So how should we do these preparations? Search engine land

Seo optimization

1, the website design has a general concept

This usually requires us to combine the same type of website and website. We want to show the organization of customer information, then according to the advice of the station staff, and then create a desired model according to their own ideas, and then start from the root directory of our website. Construction, of course, you also need the help of the artist. Search Engine Watch

2, url internal configuration

The URL in the URL is just a link. Before we can optimize, we have to control the entire site (such as users). After reading this page, I want to see it? In fact, in the page that the user sees, it is necessary to perform related configuration under the premise of proofreading and error correction. wikipeida

3. About the design of website content

The original article is an indispensable tool for the site, but it is also the specific design of the article. This is the key. Embedded words or stories are based primarily on stories or other forms of presentations, etc., which we need to plan ahead. Dream Host

How do beginners learn seo optimization knowledge?

How can I learn SEO? Learning seo operations must be a combination of theory and practice. Seo is a very high performance operation. If there is no high execution power, all word techniques are white words. In the middle, we must combine SEO theory with specific related management efforts to allow SEO keywords to enter the search engine’s home page. The following excellent cloud optimizer will explain how to learn SEO. neail
1, the understanding of the SEO industry is not very clear, in the vast majority of beginners who have just been exposed to SEO, SEO is optimizing the keywords they want to do on the home page, precisely because the ranking is considered like all SEO. Every night I try my best to improve the ranking of the website, but many people will be in the process of learning, halfway through, a very well-understood sentence, the depth of their SEO understanding will determine how far they can go SEO industry, however, recognition is only one aspect . If you really want to fully understand, you still need to keep learning. True SEO refers to the optimization of two words. It’s not just search engine optimization. Others include website, website conversion rate. The quality of the article content, the speed at which the site opens, the size of the site image, etc. ahref

2, no matter how much beginners know about SEO, they should study hard. Many beginners have a bad attitude towards SEO. I don’t know where to start learning. Online video is definitely more, but it is really useful. The video is very small, too many tutorials are confusing, the general tutorial is simple and clear, and the repetitiveness is very high. Some tutorials teach you to do this. Another tutorial is to teach you other exercises, which leads many engineers to optimize and don’t know how to change the operation. There is no direction to learn. Try to find some old SEO optimizers to learn and communicate with each other so they can improve their SEO optimization knowledge.

3, many new optimizer can’t work very well, many beginners are like this, usually it takes a few weeks to find the direction of learning, but many beginners are on paper, there is no real operation, it is easy to learn Knowledge, optimizer does not appreciate, if the execution of learning is not in place, you will never learn true SEO knowledge.

What are the ways to optimize the station?

Website optimization is an integral part of the website construction process. If there is an incorrect method in the optimization stage, it will easily affect the promotion and classification of the monitoring website, so in the daily optimization period, it is necessary to master the scientific and reasonable form. It is still very important.

Method 1: The home page is simple and clear.

In the process of creating a website homepage, the content must be concise, and the content of the homepage cannot be done too much, so the page will appear not only when the content of the content is slowly loaded, but the decline of the user experience will also affect subsequent browsing. Therefore, the home page should be presented to the user in a simple manner, which will provide viewers with a visual aesthetic, quickly find the information needed and improve the quality of the website homepage in a short time.

Method 2: The structure is reasonable and clear.

After the website is optimized, a reasonable design will improve the overall quality of the workstation, which can produce twice the effect with half the effort. Therefore, it is recommended that you use directory classification and navigation search methods to ensure that all information is clearer and more convenient for users to quickly log in to the interface they wish to find, providing shortcut rational optimization. The shorter the directory information, the better the content classification process is better.

The method of optimizing the radio. Once you know it, you can try it based on previous experience. Based on past experience, after reasonable design optimization, the station information looks more consistent. The needs of the mind will also bring help and attract more users’ attention and praise, which is a good form of recommendation.

Website optimization within the site is the core operation of SEO

Small publishers have recently talked to many veteran and experienced webmasters and found that everyone agrees that the core of SEO optimization is site optimization. However, many new webmasters disagree with this. They believe that station optimization is equivalent to optimization of off-site optimization and even focuses on optimizing off-site operations. In fact, this is not enough. The next small series will explain to everyone.

  1. The user must determine the highest optimization priority within the site. For users, what you want to see on the website includes products, images, text messages, video information, and more. These are things that attract users to the site.
  2. Search engines refuse to optimize rankings for optimization, not for customers. If we blindly please the search engine, it will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction with the search engine, a website without substantial content will no longer exist. The ultimate goal of search engines is to meet people’s needs, not the requirements of the machine.

Look at this issue from the perspective of the user and the perspective of the search engine. Website optimization on the website will always be the core of SEO forever. Whether you rely on access to search engine simulation or rely on Black Hat to rank on the site, these are not conducive to long-term optimization of the site.

SEO search engine optimization keyword strategy analysis?

It can be said that after the successful construction of the website, one thing must be done: because the network is optimized quickly, it determines the time when the search engine indexes the website to a certain extent. But on the website. Before optimization, we must determine something very important, that is, the keyword has certain certainty. If it is not good, we will have a bias in the direction of optimization, so even if we do better, it is futile. What is the main analysis method of keywords?
One: search for popularity by keyword

This is one of the main ways to select keywords now, because searching for popular keywords actually means that the keywords you choose are not the main search terms that everyone knows. Determining this term is key to bringing continuous traffic to our site, but some old SEO optimizations are not based on these. The hot words of the search conversion are mainly used for drainage.

Second: analysis based on the length of the keyword

In general, we classify the long tail keywords we choose, and often classify them to optimize the area of rule 28. We usually put 80% of the energy in 20% of the keyword optimization choices. Instead, we will use 20% of the energy to process the remaining 80% of the words, which will allow our keywords to be more systematically optimized, which often benefits our website.

Of course, what we said before is just some simple and basic keyword back washing methods in keyword optimization. There are some more complicated methods. We will give you an analysis later.

How to choose keywords in website optimization

For the development of the website, it is very important to continuously optimize the website. Only by making enough efforts in this area, our website will have a good development. The use of keywords is very important in the website optimization process. After reasonable use and distribution of keywords, our website ranking will be greatly improved. But what you have to see is that there are too many keywords we can choose now. If you choose one and want a good effect, this is unrealistic. The choice of keywords is also a learning issue when optimizing a website. The wrong choice can easily lead us to do more with less.

Keywords cannot be unpopular

It must be noted that due to the different search habits of different people, there are certainly not only one or two keywords, but also many keywords in the same field. These keywords are definitely different in terms of calories, some are very popular, and some are unattended. When we do website optimization, the choice of keywords is absolutely important. Since the popularity of keywords is too low, even if you take the top position in these keywords, it doesn’t make much sense. Don’t waste time on these keywords, it’s best to choose a popular keyword, and a small increase may lead to increased traffic.

It can’t be too hot

Many people often have the doubt that their website has a very good website optimizer who is serious about their work and hard work, but the ranking of the website is still difficult to update, and both are fluctuating. This is very common, because competition for keywords often indicates that everyone has chosen very popular keywords, so the competition for this keyword is too intense. Every website has done a lot of optimization in this area. The end result is mutual compensation, and everyone’s name is stable. In this case, abandoning this difficult keyword to consider other types is the right approach.

Own keywords

In the process of building a website, there is a very important place in the choice of keywords, that is, we must contact our own audience. Only in this way can the website be truly recognized by everyone. This is very important, we must consider the content before optimizing the website. Different types of audiences have different preferences when choosing keywords when searching. We don’t have to choose the most popular keywords. The best for us is the best.

What are the SEO optimization steps of the website?

At present, with the development of Internet technology, more and more offline companies have seen the profits that can be accessed online, so they can start online. This site, so I said that there was a wave of website construction at the same time, so the already frustrated web designers seem to have found their own resources, and these jobs have been overwhelmed since the site was built. Then, the next step should be to optimize, promote and consume the work related to the site. So, what steps should they take for SEO professionals to optimize their sites?

One: the basic construction of the website

What we are talking about here is not the construction of the website, but the complete construction of the website content. For example, which page is next to the product display page, which page you want viewers to see, the time spent on each page, etc., must be unified before optimizing the layout. This will help us do more with less resources. .

Second: the choice of website keywords

At present, in fact, the competition on the Internet is very fierce, no matter which type of product is already related to promotion. Therefore, as a search engine optimization staff, before you work, you must analyze the keywords you create and choose the traffic conversion rate. Low industry keywords. For the principal, choose a long-term keyword with less competition to promote.

Three: pay attention to the outside chain, chain delivery friends

These are especially in the initial stages of website promotion, we must do well, including the way the website is delivered and delivered, changing the chain of friends, and so on. Wordstream

common problems in website optimization

There are often many problems encountered during the website optimization process. Especially for some novice friends, the problem is that the totals that have not been seen before are always useless. But in fact, don’t worry too much, because there are some common problems with website optimization. Just knowing what these problems are and how to solve them can help novices deal with them effectively. The following small series will give you a detailed introduction to the most common problems in network optimization.

After the Baidu update, the network optimization process often encounters a problem of reduced revenue on the website. This problem is caused by the fact that the weighting website makes Baidu not worth enough, the quality of the article is not high, and the readability or originality is too low. Then, after updating Baidu, it will be deleted. If we improve the quality of the article, it will be more likely to be included. In addition, after Baidu updates, keyword rankings will decline. In the face of this problem, we should not give up, we can return to the best state before persistence. When the website cannot be opened, it may be because the server is unstable. The spider will think that if it has a problem with the station, it will rarely return or even reduce power, so we have to stabilize the web server and fix it.

The above is an introduction to the most common issues in website optimization. In addition, there are many problems: we can continue to summarize and record in the practice process to provide a more valuable experience for future practical operations, thus reducing the number and frequency of problems. I hope the above can help you.

keywords optimization process

Corporate websites want to attract more people’s attention, and SEO is an indispensable part. Search engine keywords are a key aspect when we do this, but there are many companies that are doing this. I’ve found that although we’re doing a good job of optimizing, we don’t display any information about the site after entering keywords in the search engine. In these cases, companies can often consider whether there is such a For optimization, if it has any impact on the process, what should be done wrong, we must analyze these problems, because we can find internal situation problems before solving

Once you’ve searched for keywords, information will appear on the site, but you won’t be able to find the company site you found. There are many reasons for this. One of the important reasons is that keywords are very popular, and the core of this keyword is very, we are doing SEO, although it has optimized this keyword, but many other sites also use this keyword in order to optimize, your website The specific weight is not higher than other websites. Websites are often repelled by optimization of some large websites, so your website cannot be found during the search process.

When seo, some people may not be able to optimize the method. Although they did a lot of work, they directly led to the problem of website degradation. The site’s actual ranking is very late, so it’s hard to find the company. In doing so, we must pay attention to the reasonable analysis of several keywords, and really find the keywords that are most useful for the optimization of the entire company. At the same time, we must also do a good job of promoting these keywords. At the time of promotion. Zui can play a very good role by being able to optimize the website from a variety of perspectives, so we must pay attention to these aspects in a timely manner.

Seo is very important to all companies, and when we really focus on these aspects and everything related to optimization, we are very important in the process of creating keywords, optimization and optimization. After doing better, it’s useful for the entire site, so when we do that, we have to actively consider all aspects, and we can check it on time during the optimization process. More content, after problems occur, should be resolved in a timely manner, and can continue to improve the weight of the website, only when your website weight is greater, the attention will be even greater.

optimize new website ranking

After such a long period of development and progress, many companies have managed to implement SEO optimization when they choose to promote the network. SEO optimization has a lot of new work on the site in the early stages. In order to lay a good foundation for the optimization of future website rankings, Xiaoyun Youyou Station will do what is necessary to solve the new website ranking optimization.

First of all, it is to choose a domain name, this domain name should not be too long, short and easy to remember is the main one, of course, there are many companies that want to buy old domain names, so it is very useful for optimization. The server generally chooses some Alibaba Cloud, so it is safe to use, don’t buy some unknown virtual servers at low price, it is easy to be covered by bad websites under the server.

Second, the optimization of the website structure, the first thing that appears on the website is TDK. The H1/H2/H3 label must be used correctly. H1 must be the title. It is very important to tell the reptile. If you can, please try using HTTPS, because this Priority will also be included for inclusion.

Third, do some regular links, help search engines find it better, not too much, search engines can easily think that you are cheating; anchor text in the chain for configuration as well, the configuration will set the associated content Anchor text, which can reduce the bounce rate.

Fourth, the content of the new website, before the website is established, can prepare some original articles and publish them together with the reprinted articles.

For the fifth mobile website, you can first consider using a self-adaptive mobile phone, a new website, if it is more convenient, and previously optimized, this should be synchronized with Baidu weights, which is convenient for managing new mobile websites and synchronization weights.

website optimization and the SEO details of the top page

To display through the first screen of the home page, or to display a prime location, the site must be pressure-oriented and the strategy determines the direction of site design and subsequent optimization. However, the details of website optimization are equally important. Only by mastering the details and implementing the details can you truly achieve the desired goals. It is necessary to improve the ranking of the website and practice it. These are the details. In addition, website optimization is also very external. It is important to have some skills to improve the effect of the outer chain. To help you better understand the details of website optimization and how to improve the performance of the external chain, the following small series will share 4 website optimization strategies to improve the effect of the external chain and the SEO details of the home page.

First, four strategies to improve the effect of the external chain

Everyone knows that it’s important to build an outer chain when optimizing your network. Although Baidu has weakened the influence of the external chain, the external chain still plays an indispensable role in the optimization process. So, what key points should we master in building the outer chain to play a key role in network optimization? Today, Orange Cloud Interconnect will be edited in four ways.


  1. Diversification

When you publish an outer chain, the search engine will find that the outer chain around you is from the website. If the search engine thinks you are cheating, it will give you a penalty. This is not good for the website. Of course, you can promote the outer chain. The situation is to publish high-quality documents, reprint other websites, retain copyright, and so on.

  1. Target website

The higher the relevance of the target site, the better the delivery. But not all sites are relevant, so for many chain manufacturing processes, high weight, low correlation or high correlation is followed. It can have a corresponding effect.

  1. Speed and build quality

Pull down the trash can, etc. Of course, speed is not a good thing, but quality must also be considered. If the content of the outer chain is very difficult to understand, then this article is almost unacceptable to the user, and obviously it is a low-quality outer chain.

  1. The role of the friend chain

Link friendship is also an external link, and the friendship for some links is not bad. Pay attention to relevance, quantity, ascending and descending content, website weight, whether it is K or lower.

4 website optimization strategies to improve the external chain effect and SEO details on the homepage

Second, the SEO details of the homepage in the website optimization ranking

Quick classification has always been a concern for everyone. How do I optimize my website to quickly access the home page? What SEO skills do you need to overcome to get a quick ranking?

In order to improve the ranking of their websites, many SEOers continue to wear some black hats to participate in the rankings. It doesn’t take long to give up the rankings. Indeed, formal SEO methods can also quickly participate in rankings. What is the skill? Today, due to the excellent Xiao Wu push station sharing price, how to make your website quickly get search engine ranking skills, if you just don’t understand, you can learn about it together.

Website ranking is the primary responsibility of SEOre. What SEO skills are used to provide website rankings, increase website traffic, help companies get customer traffic for free, and increase brand awareness to achieve the true purpose of marketing. This is a problem that a real SEO commissioner needs to solve.

Including a website through Baidu is actually a very simple matter. If you want to get more traffic than Baidu, you must first analyze user needs, website data analysis, competitive data analysis, planning and design, keyword selection and long words. What keywords are basic and which keywords are secondary, they all require real data analysis. This is the basic skill of website optimization ranking, preparing for the basis of ranking, so in many cases we must first learn user requirements. Analysis of the data.

Get basic settings before getting a quick ranking

A website really wants to get good traffic, first solve its own problems, and need to do a good job on the basics of the website. Front-end styles, navigation, first-level columns, and content pages require a reasonable design layout. A good design can quickly attract spiders to crawl. Baidu spiders prefer simple code and soft pages.

If your site was previously a set of templates, the ranking is already in the top 30. In this case, the user experience on the page on your site is likely to be poor, resulting in your site being rated in your twenties. To achieve quick access to the home page, you must first redesign the website page based on the user’s design needs, and learn how to learn data analysis in the previous Xiao Wu.

Of course, if your content is not good, if you change the page, you can’t solve the real problem. Because the user’s needs are multi-faceted, it only solves one of the problems, but it does not solve all the problems. Sites with greater weight are best done by optimizing the details, and their internal pages are better.

Look closely at the rankings of others, whether you have carefully analyzed your site, where the traffic from the site comes from, these are compulsory primary courses. Not only do you need to learn the results of the analysis, including the various algorithms updated by Baidu, and you must be familiar with it.

2, the value of the page determines the size of the website traffic

The longer the time, the greater the value of the page. Users can access other pages through this page. This page not only gets extra points, but also increases the inclusion of corporate pages. Baidu users determine the classification criteria, so it is best to set up a site to tell everyone that we must pay attention to the needs of users.

Therefore, the page that the user thinks is good will be placed first. To give you a simple example, Station A provides text content that really solves the user’s problem. Site B provides text and video, and the latter can retain users. First, you have a relatively long time to access, so it will display your website first.

3, optimization details can determine success or failure

Many people know this fact and have not really applied it to their work. In SEO optimization, you must understand the principles of user clicks and how to attract users to click more effectively. It is worth learning to consume traffic quickly. There are also the principle that users vote, vote, vote to vote in the station, how to vote at the station to let Baidu feel that our page is very important, so there is a good result.

First, we have a gold entry on the home page. The traffic here is very large. It is used for user reference data. Other pages rank second, but equally important. Keyword classification principle. Valuable keywords can attract a lot of traffic.

If the website has a high bounce rate, it means that there is a problem with the content of our website. Baidu will not give us the highest ranking. We will thoroughly analyze the results, the details are better, and we will experience the missing content on your website. Let our conversion rate increase. Website traffic page reference. Pages with more than 3 times the traffic on other pages are gold traffic pages. We extract these pages by analyzing these high-traffic pages on our website. It always makes it easier for users to find it. By guiding spiders to crawl other pages, we can improve the site and user experience and will display the page rank of the site.

seo optimization

I think today I am talking about the knowledge link about friendship. Some people may know more about this, but it is inevitable that some small details are easily overlooked. There are still many friends who have just started to learn SEO and want to know. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the things you should pay attention to when you exchange friends.

The so-called two websites have a link to friendship! Not only the rankings or traffic will be very different! While exchanging friendship links is one of the basic SEO efforts, it has very objective effects to support data across the site.

  1. Another website has no degraded records and K, and the webmaster’s website is asked about the most recent inclusions. If there is a significant reduction, even a zero situation indicates that the site has K. The chances of being restored by a K-rated site in the short term will be very small, and the time to restore the site’s ranking is reduced by about three months.
  2. Weight is not a major factor in considering the exchange of friendship links. If you need a higher weighting site to manage your site, you can consider the question weights, high site weights to site weights, and more, it can help to include and categorize sites, but the site’s weight is not friendly.
  3. The snapshot time of the other party. Small and medium-sized websites usually take snapshots every two days or every day, and snapshots of large websites are usually the same day. If the site has a quick snapshot rewind or the snapshot is not updated, we recommend exchanging the friendship link after the site snapshot is normal.
  4. Is the website cheating?

The time to deceive the station is very short, the deception station is downgraded, and K also participates in our website. There are many ways to cheat:

(1) Purchase the external chain, use the external chain of the query tool to check, if there is a large number of high-weight one-way links, you can purchase the external chain. Click the link one-way site to see if this site has a large number of exports. A one-way link is a site that sells links.

(2) Light and dark chain. Add links to yourself by invading other people’s websites, and some can see the links, others can only view them from the code.

(3) Bridge page skills, choose to display part of the content to the user and use other parts of the content to display to the search engine, now the bridge page site is rare.

(4) Internal chain traps. Adding a worthless internal chain to the article is also a trap.

(5) Garbage chain skills. A lot of link spam has been sent. This link spam is still working now, and it is likely that these links will be deleted on the next update, which will cause the classification to drop.

5, big industry choice, small industry is not relevant

Large industries should choose link friendships related to their websites, or link pages should be related to the content of our linked websites, or choose a website that links them. For example, the research website can choose to link to friends in the English training industry website and choose the upstream industry to attract some traffic to its website. Large industries include: medicine, wedding photography, agriculture, movies, novels, classified platforms, etc.

6, the number of links of the other party

In general, the number of links to small and medium-sized sites is less than 40, and links are too easy to fool, and the more connections that are transmitted to your site, the less weight. Everyone who chooses a friendship link should see if the other person has established a lot of friendship links.

7, if the other party’s friendship link has a trap and is the site of K

If the other party’s friendship link has a trap site, the offender site or it has not been restored by K Site recently, the stability of the other site is very low, so it is not recommended to make a friend link with it.

I think Xiaobian is introducing the daily knowledge of friends on the website. Everyone can understand the last seven or so. I hope not to change the link in the future. Make the same mistake.

Seo optimization