A few key points to help you improve the user experience of the website

improve the user experience of the website

With the rapid development of the information age, the Internet has become more and more important. It has never been written as illiterate. Today, computers are not considered illiterate because the development of the Internet is close to people’s lives. More and more closely related to people’s lives. Therefore, for website optimization, search engines also require us to meet the user’s requirements as much as possible, and we provide a good user experience. Here’s an editor of Youyun Xiaobian to talk about how to help improve the user experience on the site.

First, configure the cache using a browser.

Many browsers now have a set of caches. Don’t underestimate this feature. You can use the browser’s caching feature to cache large amounts of images, animations, and screens. The next time you return to the site, you can click on the cache directly, the browser does not need to reload the page, and the cached content is instantly opened. You should also pay attention to the cache time. This time you can set it yourself. If you set it for a few years, the browser will take up too much and it will affect the page loading speed.

Second, use optimized images.

Some images have very high quality, especially high definition images. These similar images will slow down the page load, so to shorten the page open time, you must compress the image and reduce the size of the image, but be careful not to distort the image. There are a number of software that optimizes loading speed and optimizes images. For example, the simple Mito show, PS and other software can get good results.

Third, optimize the website code.

In fact, on a web page, a lot of code has no effect, so for those useless code, you have to optimize and modify the source file code to reduce the volume. You should not use or use JS on the webpage because JS takes up a lot of capacity.

Fourth, https optimization.

Baidu search engine has been advocating HTTPS mode to improve the security of website information. However, using HTTPS requires some sort of technique to invoke server resources and consume it. Currently, the best approach is to use an accelerated CDN approach.

improve the user experience of the website