What are the reasons why it is often easy to optimize the website?

easy to optimize the website?

As more and more people optimize, many people want to use the brush and click methods to quickly sort the home page for speculation, or to accumulate a large number of keywords in the title. Even if you are on the homepage, it will not be stable and will leave the homepage very quickly. What factors lead to over-optimization? We together look.

Factors that lead to excessive website optimization:

1. Too many words stacked in the title can lead to a lot of repetition, so they realize that they are being piled up by malicious people.

2. There are a lot of copy and paste content in this article, the quality of this content is very low, the content is meaningless.

3, the number of friends added is too cumbersome, the original day is suitable for 1-3 exchanges, the result is that some webmasters get a lot, it is not recommended to only add new website lines. The chain of friendship must have a period of excessive relaxation.

4, staying at the station too much, there are many webmasters trying to increase the keyword ranking opportunities, they like to put some keywords in the navigation, pointing to your website at the bottom.

5, the growth rate of the outer chain is too fast, it triggers anomalies, so it seems to be a malicious trap. In short, it is still necessary to follow the law.

The above is why you can easily summarize the reasons for website optimization. I think there will always be some feelings after the webmaster reads, I hope everyone can help.

easy to optimize the website?