What are the prerequisites for website optimization?

website optimization

website optimization I think that in terms of network optimization, many of my friends are not strangers. If companies want to get a lot of internet advertising, they need to work hard to optimize their work and get more traffic by making good keywords. Get more customers. What are the prerequisites for website optimization before we start to optimize?

Lay the foundation of the previous period

There are a lot of companies today, no matter how to optimize the work, but the optimization effect is not really, which often makes the company confused. In fact, the reason why the company’s website is invalid is often because the basic optimization of the website in the early stage is not good, because only the foundation of the previous period, the search engine you can like it, so that it receives more attention, so the website The structure is very important.

website Optimize the website framework

In addition, if the initial phase of the site has been established, then the starting point for optimization is certainly better than it can be optimized later. Play the multiplier effect. Today, the optimization effect of many websites is not good, not because they don’t work hard. On the contrary, it may be because the foundation of the previous website is not good, and it takes a lot of effort to achieve the original effect. A good search engine website framework is also included, which can improve keyword rankings, which is beneficial to both parties.

A website wants to achieve good results in further optimization work, so that you can improve the ranking of keywords to get better help, then you must do the basic work in the initial stage and do the framework of the website. Optimize so you can do more with less.