Why didn’t the original article update ranking change?

original article update ranking

Website optimization is still difficult for many people. Optimization is not just about getting a good job in order to get a good ranking. The quality of the content is indeed a very important part of the website. There are important clues, but some people don’t understand why my site insists on updating the original article every day, but the ranking remains the same. This is a multifaceted question, let us take a look:

First of all, what is original?

In the end, what kind of work is original. In short, it is actually something written by one’s own thoughts, rather than imitating or reprinting other people’s works. The true originality stems from their own inspiration. In fact, what happens, many SEO optimizations are not original, and this is also a factor that does not lead to any ranking.

Second, the original is not equal to the classification?

Last year, Baidu introduced the original bear paw protection function, which can protect our original items and affect some items pseudo-original. Many people have thought about updating articles in this way. Let your website get a good collection and hope to improve the ranking of your website. In fact, this is not very effective. Updating the original article does not mean providing a good ranking.

Third, how to solve the original non-confidential content?

In fact, before we talked about the original content, we also learned what the definition of the original article is. The site hopes to rank well in order to benefit users’ searches and try to meet the needs of users. Of course, the premise is the user’s heart. It should be understood that the user wants the key point, how to solve the user’s problem is how to write our original article, in fact, the original meaning is here, which is why we want to original article.

Some of the previous questions why the original SEO article did not change the ranking of the site, there are actually many problems to solve the ranking, can not worry, the originality of the article is still useful for the ranking of the site. This is beyond doubt. original article update ranking