How to migrate the mall website construction server!

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When creating a Chongqing mall site, if you need to migrate cloud hosts or servers, as well as web space, everyone will have a headache and don’t want to do something, but sometimes everyone can’t do it. This kind of thing, this is also very painful, because if you change the server abroad, it will definitely affect the ranking of your website, because the index and ranking of the web search engine will drop to reduce the replacement server of the mall website. Impact, we are going to discuss how to reduce the consequences of website migration to a small extent today.

First, data backup

website construction

Before replacing the server, we must back up the data on the shopping mall website. Regardless of the method used, be sure to back up your site’s data and programs, just in case.

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Second, transfer data

Upload the previously backed up website data to the new foreign server you prepared. Don’t miss out on any files that would otherwise cause your mall site to run once this happens. Finding a problem is also very problematic. I have encountered such a situation before and want to die.

Third, the domain name

When you create a Chongqing mall website, you must resolve the domain name of the website to the IP of the new external server you prepared. Otherwise, if you don’t have this step, even if you get it, you will often see something while browsing the web. I can’t find or can’t access this page. After correcting the domain name, you must add the 301 and 404 websites, otherwise it will affect the user’s use.

Fourth, look at the website registration

After the initial relocation of the website, you must observe the data of your website, conduct statistical analysis on the website every day, and then register as a report, so that you can track the search engine spider in a timely and clear manner. If you notice a problem, you should make adjustments quickly, but in this case

When completing the server during the construction of the shopping mall website, do not delete the data in the original server space. immediately. Or wait a minute, the best way is to wait until the spider crawls the site page. Everything is more suitable for your external Xinhai server to work later, which is more secure. As long as I can say this, I think spiders will soon be sponsored.