What are the reasons for the unstable ranking of website keywords in SEO optimization?

ranking of website keywords

The goal we chose to do SEO optimization was to get the keywords to the search engine’s home page. This is to make it easier for users to find our website to attract traffic to the company and then do SEO. After optimization, webmasters are more concerned with ranking stability after ranking. What are the factors that cause us to be unstable?

First of all, the quality of the content of the website, if your website ranks high, but the quality of the website content is too bad, then you will not find what you want after the user enters. Or, if it’s worthless content on other people’s websites, then they opt out of the site, resulting in a high bounce rate. Currently, the ranking of keywords on the site will be unstable.

Second, the speed of opening a website, the keywords of your website appear, then the search engine will pay more attention to your website. Once your website is unstable, it won’t open. Or the opening speed is too slow, the search engine can’t enter when crawling, it will be considered cheating, it will come to your website.

Third, keyword competition is too intense, which is a situation that leads to unstable keyword rankings. While optimizing, your other peers are also vying for the word. Small fluctuations are normal.

Of course, there are other situations that affect the stability of keyword rankings, such as the site’s buddy chain, problems with the outer chain, causing the site to be clicked or the search engine has created a new algorithm to implement it. The site, these are some of the situations that lead to unstable keyword rankings. I won’t talk about them one by one. If you have questions about the classification and can’t find the reason, you can consult the editor.