What are the reasons for affecting the inclusion of the website?

affecting the inclusion of the website

The company’s website is designed to get better customers and reach orders. And promote the brand to establish an image and achieve flow conversion. Search engine optimization is necessary for companies to become familiar with more potential users. As a webmaster, the new website is receiving. One of the most worrying issues is whether the site is included. If we don’t include the website, we will do more work in vain. Only search engines will include it. Opportunities are classified. Why is the new station not included in the search engine? These are some of the common reasons that affect site inclusion.

  1. Send to search engine

Each search engine has an interface to send a website, the purpose of which is to allow the webmaster to actively send the domain name of the website to the search engine, notify the website search engine website of the existence and let it search engine spiders crawl the website. Waiting for the spider to crawl, I don’t know when to climb to your site, so take the initiative to consider the main search engine to submit the domain name.

2. Is the website server stable?

Choosing an unstable web server or web space leads to slow or often unopened, which causes spiders to crawl websites that fail to track website content, causing frequent interruptions. Spiders are difficult to complete. Spiders think website instability causes distrust and delayed review. Period, so it’s hard to include a website, so don’t sit tempted to choose a cheap website server. You must choose a brand space service provider and choose a quality server.

3.The site structure is too complicated

Today, the structure of a website is a tree structure or a flat structure. The entire hierarchy does not exceed three levels. If the structure of the website is complex and confusing, the spider is difficult to identify, and it is difficult for the spider to drill down into every page of the website. Such a website, spiders will not be included, which will affect the user experience.

4.the configuration of the website robot file is wrong

The robot file is well understood. This is the agreement between the website and the search engine. It tells the spider website what files can be tracked and which files cannot be tracked. To avoid filtering important information, the spider must first track this in the tracking file of the website. file. In many cases, site technicians ignore search engine surveys to track site files. When doing this verification, enter the robot directly after the domain name. Txt, you can see this file, if there is Disallow in the file: / it, prohibit the spider from capturing the entire file from the website, delete it directly and then complain to Baidu snapshot.

5, insist on updating original articles

Many people are lazy, do not want to write original articles, go to peer websites or other Internet platforms, collect various articles, and publish articles directly according to the instructions. For the website, the website said that the search engine will definitely not be included, and will only extend the review period of the new station. Only by insisting on updating the original valuable articles and gaining the confidence of the search engine, can you include it in the search engine.

In short, the site is not yet included. There are many reasons. Do not go to the hospital for treatment. You must analyze the reasons specifically. You must do the above. The website will be included. There is a search engine that has a three-month review period for the new station. During the review, the search engine records information on the website. Only after the system is optimized can the website pass the review period quickly. Otherwise, it will only delay the review. This time affects the inclusion of the new site, so we must optimize it on a regular basis to make the site gentle and gain confidence in the search engine to get good optimization results.

affecting the inclusion of the website