What are the advantages of choosing an independent IP?

independent IP

A stand-alone IP can be understood as containing the IP of a single site and does not share the same IP with other sites on the server. The advantage of the independent IP space is that the site has an IP address, which is not affected by other sites under the same server, can prevent attacks, has better security performance, the search engine registers faster and it gets more recognition.

  • Conducive to website ranking optimization

For webmasters, ranking websites in search engines is critical. The higher the ranking, the more traffic the site receives, and the better the site promotion. For search engines, you are also more inclined to have a separate IP site, because independent IP is easier to identify, search engines prefer to track the site, so independent IP is optimized for site ranking.

  • Avoid being affected by other websites

If our website uses shared IP, when there is a problem with the website that resolves this IP, our website will definitely be involved, and the classified advantage that can be carefully established will be affected, so if you choose this is not the case with independent ips, no matter what else What happens to the website, your own website will not be affected.

  • Avoid being attacked and stop the site

In general, normal servers are not protected. Once attacked, they will block the IP of the attacked domain. If we use a shared IP, ip will be blocked once it is attacked. Then our website will be forced to stop, but it will not happen to use a separate IP, even if the attack blocks another ip, as long as we are not attacked, then our website will not stop or be affected.

The above is some of the views on the small IP of the individual IP, then the server should choose a separate IP? While most servers now use separate IP, it is not excluded that some servers still use shared IP, so everyone should know more when they choose, and some clients usually have many IP links. The site, which is very bad, Xiaoping suggested that everyone is still an IP link, a website is better.