Data analysis in daily optimization of website

daily optimization of website

Daily analysis of website data is what SEO has to do every day. For example, the increase and decrease of index volume, the number of daily ips and the amount of visits to the page are all things we should pay attention to. Note that these data can show our optimization results, we can also see problems that may arise due to fluctuations in certain data, and take appropriate measures to avoid the problem. You can then find the data you want to analyze on the Daily Optimization website. daily optimization of website

First, include the website

Inclusion is a concern for all search engines and is expected to increase directly. The first thing after our search engine starts working every day is to open the webmaster tool and verify that your website is indexed by search engines. After that, we need to make a statistic. If your site is updated regularly, it will contain the original content every day. However, the next day, I found that the number of collections has been restored to the previous version. This may be because your article is of low quality and was removed by Baidu. Sometimes, if there is a problem with the site, you can quickly analyze the quality of the site’s content. The root cause Of course, you must also include the number of sites and the number of indexes displayed in the Baidu statistics background.

Second, the quality of the outer chain

Recording high quality external links every day, including, should be reviewed. There are still many friends who signed the chain on some popular SEO forums. In fact, this time you should pay attention to the quality of the external chain, because search engines judge the ranking of keywords on the website according to their relevance, so the correlation is that external links are a high-quality external link.

Third, friendship link

Check the friendship of the website link every day if there are any signs of punishment on your website and record it. If you have symptoms of a problem, you can unlink immediately and you can make sure your site is safe.

Fourth, the number of fluctuations is the outer chain

Although Baidu updated the algorithm of the external chain, it also makes the external chain difficult to achieve, but the external chain reflects the exposure of the website, and the impact on the ranking of the website is still very large. This includes the quantity shipped or inferred, as well as the proportion of publications and inclusions. To check if the number of links outside the website is too much or too little, many friends don’t know much about SEO, so when you are happy, you can do a little more than the outer chain. If you are not happy, you must do less. In fact, the outer chain is a stable number every day. At this point, it’s a good idea to make statistics to verify whether your outer chain is increasing or decreasing. This helps prevent the occurrence of an external chain explosion and can effectively control the optimization.

V. Factors related to keywords

Do a good job in keyword ranking statistics report and related keyword analysis report, ask customers to input keywords from the website, and adjust keywords in time to improve the website. Through ranking changes, we can see the overall ranking of the keywords on the site. In order to filter which keywords can generate traffic, we can focus on this keyword and let the highest keyword ranks improve the general site.

Six, analyze website records

When spiders come, how many pages are there, as well as landing pages that analyze large amounts of traffic, details of website traffic analysis, high conversion rates, direct user transaction pages, and more.

Seven, website refresh rate and historical data

This includes the number of articles updated and the number of articles included on the day, as well as the percentage of published and indexed. Historical data can not only view the website for a period of time, but also view the time and intensity of Baidu updates.

Eighth, website traffic and traffic

Every day, there are flow, photovoltaic, ultraviolet and so on. Although Baidu traffic is expected to be an unofficial method of calculation, it is also calculated based on the general search engine algorithm of Webmaster Tools data, and may also reflect the operation of the website over a period of time. If your website rankings are stable and you expect Baidu traffic to decrease significantly, you should be careful.

Novena, visited webpage

Visitors enter their domain name from the client and successfully access one or more pages of their website. This page is an interview of your current visitor to your website. The page looks at which pages are very popular and will write more articles later, which is harmful to the Bailey website.

Tenth, access time

The time that visitors ask your site to stay on the site can explain many issues, such as finding all page visitors to stay here. At this time you should go to this page, it is difficult to understand the content of this page, or this page is very popular, and then make the corresponding solution.

Once, to analyze

The website is a day or a period of time, and visitor statistics can be reached through your website. Based on this, you can focus on where it is placed. What website is high-end, you can continue to make a fuss on the site to increase the number of visits to the site.

daily optimization of website