Google will add in Android 10 a function that will save lives

Android 10 a function

Photographing and health tracking technologies are two trends that manufacturers of mobile electronics are visiting today. But, since pulse measurement and ECG reading are not suitable for smartphones at all, smartwatches entered the market that filled a vacant niche. True, over time it became clear that competing with the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch is practically useless. Therefore, manufacturers smarter began to transfer the functions of smartwatches to smartphones. One of those who did this was Google.

In Android 10, the Safety Hub application was discovered, the purpose of which is to track the current state of the user. Of course, the program will not be able to measure his pressure and temperature. But she can easily determine that a person fell and hit or had an accident, which is urgently necessary to notify his family and friends.

Why do I need an accelerometer

The smartphone will detect shocks and falls using the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, detecting movement or its absence by determining the position of the device in space. A similar technique was used by Apple in its Apple Watch Series 4. True, the company was able to train the watch to detect only involuntary falls of older people, while Google wants its Safety Hub to also detect traffic collisions.

It is assumed that the Safety Hub will become an exclusive feature of the new Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. In any case, it was not possible to activate the application on any of the existing devices. Most likely, it requires special calibration of motion sensors and is inextricably linked to artificial intelligence technologies, which, in fact, determine whether a drop or a hit occurred or not.

The main function of Google Pixel 4

If Google manages to realize its idea exactly in the form in which it is described in the Android 10 code, it can save more than one life. And since Google has long been on a short foot with neural networks and artificial intelligence, there is practically no doubt about the accuracy of determining falls and accidents. Another thing is that due to the low popularity of Pixel smartphones, such a small audience will get access to the new function that it’s simply not necessary to talk about the true effectiveness of the innovation. Android 10 a function