Budget Galaxy A50 got an important function of Galaxy S10

Galaxy A50

What distinguishes flagship smartphones from non-flagship ones? The first thing that comes to mind is the price and, of course, the functionality. For the time being, all manufacturers adhered to this rule until the vendors from China began to conquer the market, they had completely undermined the old foundations. It is because of them that first-tier brands, so as not to be out of work, began to gradually blur the boundaries between flagship and budget devices, and began to adopt the same functions for them.

Perhaps no other line, with the exception of the Galaxy S, is of such interest to Samsung and its fans as the Galaxy A 2019 model year. It was the answer of the Koreans to the devices of Chinese brands, combining decent functionality and low price. Therefore, to surpass vendors from the Middle Kingdom, or at least play with them on an equal footing, Samsung began updating after update to expand the functionality of Galaxy A devices even to the detriment of the Galaxy S lineup.

Night mode in the Galaxy A50

Galaxy A50
Galaxy A50

This week, Samsung released the June security patch for the Galaxy A50 2019, which includes, in addition to fixing vulnerabilities, support for night shooting mode. Due to the fact that initially this mode, designed for shooting in low light conditions, appeared specifically in the Galaxy S10 firmware, it can be considered flagship, despite the not-so-outstanding quality of images obtained with it.

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The night mode, which appeared in the firmware of Galaxy smartphones, is seriously inferior in the implementation of Night Sight, which is available to owners of the Google Pixel line of devices. However, its activation makes the photo a little lighter, and not just tear up the ISO, as is most often the case. Therefore, the appearance of a dedicated night mode can be considered good news, which will provide the best shooting experience first to the owners of the Galaxy A50, and then to all other models in the line.