How to reduce the size of photos and videos on the Galaxy S10

There is never much memory. Even if your smartphone’s storage capacity is 128 GB or more, there’s nothing wrong with saving it. To this end, someone deletes the accumulated photos and videos, and someone regularly cleans the cache that the applications have accumulated. However, in the case of the Galaxy S10, you can save disk space using standard tools that can reduce the amount of space taken with pictures taken using the regular Camera application. We tell you how to do it.

By default, the Galaxy S10, like most smartphones on the market, takes pictures in the JPEG extension. This is a familiar format for everyone, which is easy to work even for novice users and which almost all applications for viewing and editing recognize. However, he has one (in fact, there are more of them, but only he matters in the context of this article), which consists in a relatively high volume compared to the same HEIF, which, oddly enough, is also supported by the Galaxy S10 firmware. We need him.

How to save smartphone memory

Launch the “Camera” application and open the “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon in the upper left corner;
In the window that opens, go to the “Save Settings” section;
Activate the “Photos in HEIF (Photos)” option.

Similarly, you can reduce the space occupied by videos recorded on the Galaxy S10 camera by converting them to HEVC format. To do this, go to “Settings” – “Advanced recording options.” Here, find the “HEVC Video Codec” parameter and activate it. From now on, all the videos and photos you take on the camera of your Galaxy S10 will be in HEIF and HEVC formats, taking up to two times more space.

How to change the photo format on Android

If necessary, you can enable the automatic conversion of HEIF photos to JPEG images by activating the corresponding option in the settings. As a result, all the pictures that you send via instant messengers, social networks and by mail will automatically change the format to JPEG.