Android Q beta 4 earned dynamic system updates

Google just released Android Q beta 4, and one very entertaining feature worked in this update. The new beta version brought the ability to dynamically update the system or, as Google calls it, Dynamic System Updates. The new feature will allow you to temporarily install a system image or other version of Android on your smartphone, and then simply reboot the device to return to the original version of the OS.

Mishaal Rahman (Mishaal Rahman) from the publication XDA Developers has discovered a new feature that is designed to facilitate the preview of new updates. In particular, dynamic system updates will allow you to temporarily install a common system image (GSI) provided by the device manufacturer. GSI is essentially a clean version of Android and is used to test Android compatibility on smartphones.

Google adds that you can also install another Android system image using this method, although it is unclear whether this means that you can now install any custom ROMs or only official ROMs.

How to install Android images using Dynamic System Updates (DSU)

According to the Google page on this topic, GSI must be signed by Google or the manufacturer of your device. In addition, manufacturers will also need to add the ability to dynamically update the system for their part. However, since Google itself is a manufacturer of smartphones, it has confirmed that the new feature is already available on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Want to try out a new feature and you have a Pixel 3/3 XL or another smartphone, the manufacturer of which, together with Google, signed the GSI necessary for it? Then now you need to activate the DSU function using the ADB command or through Settings > System > Developer Options > Feature flags > settings_dynamic_android . You will then need to download the GSI for your device and run a few ADB commands, which are listed on the dedicated Google DSU page. If everything is successful, you will be prompted to restart the phone with a new update.

dynamic system updates
dynamic system updates

Don’t like the update? Fortunately, you can simply restart the phone to turn it off and return to the current update. Let’s hope that Google works with custom ROM developers so that users can try out new images, and this should save developers time, allowing them to quickly test their applications.