Launcher Samsung One UI 2.0 will receive all the main features Android Q

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The release of Android Q for Samsung Galaxy smartphones will also mark the release of a new version of the South Korean branded launcher One UI 2.0. However, an interesting fact is that the Galaxy S11 will debut with One UI 2.1. Of course, this is not too surprising that the next major Android OS update will also bring the One UI update, but the Galaxy S11 release immediately with One UI 2.1 onboard also makes sense, given the fact that One UI 1.0 debuted with Android Pie, and it was followed by One UI 1.1 in the Galaxy S10 lineup.

One UI will receive Android Q innovations in the form of Digital Wellbeing and Focus Mode
There is currently no information on what new features and capabilities will appear in versions of One UI 2.x. All that now has confirmation is that One UI 2.0 will include all the Digital Wellbeing enhancements that Google announced at its developer conference in May this year. These enhancements include Focus Mode, which allows users to specify which applications they find most distracting and to disable these applications when this feature is turned on.

Other key features of Android Q are likely to also be part of Samsung’s upgrade to Android Q, although some of the coolest features, such as Live Captions, may only be available for the flagship Galaxy.

In our opinion, there is no doubt that Samsung is preparing some interesting functions for us that are specific only to its smartphones and tablets. Android Pie and One UI 1.0 brought a lot of minor and significant new features, and then Samsung added them with features like Bixby Routines with the release of One UI 1.1 on the Galaxy S10. Bixby Routines has not yet released the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and other devices of 2018, but I hope that everything will change when Android Q is released for the corresponding devices. The same goes for the new and features that Samsung, no doubt, will offer exclusively with Galaxy Note 10.

The release of Android Q is not far off, which means that One UI 2.0 will also be released very soon

As for when to expect the release of updates from Samsung for Android Q, so far there is absolutely no information about this. However, as Android Q launches closer, we should increasingly learn more about the next iteration of One UI. All that can be said now is that having seen how quickly the company released Android Pie for all its flagship devices, as well as medium and budget lines, there is hope that Android Q will also not take long. And perhaps Samsung with Android Q will do it even faster, given that it already has experience with the release of Android Pie. It remains only to wait and observe.