Google Translate will become a system feature in Android Q

Google Translate

Google pre-installs almost all of its applications and services on Android, and those that are neglected allow you to completely free download from Google Play. Most of them, to be honest, is of little interest to users. This is due to the fact that due to some implementation features, their use in some scenarios is either inconvenient or impossible, requiring developers to integrate more deeply, which ultimately happened with Google Translate. Android Q

Google Translate
Google Translate

Google decided to integrate the Google Translate service into Android Q. Thanks to it, users will be able to translate any foreign text that they come across in applications and on sites, regardless of browser, by pressing just one key.

How to translate text on Android

It will be available in the multitasking menu, “sticking” to the window of each running application, where the foreign text will be detected. Thus, you do not have to manually copy incomprehensible words, start the translator and translate them – the built-in translation function will do everything for you.

At the beta stage of Android Q, for obvious reasons, the built-in Google Translate button is only available on Google Pixel smartphones in the Pixel Launcher. For this reason, it is not very clear whether Google will open access to it to third-party manufacturers that pre-install software shells of their own design on their smartphones.

Google ecosystem

In my opinion, the built-in translation function in Android has been asking for a long time. Its appearance marked a new stage in the development of Google’s mobile OS, which it understood and made it clear to others that the company understands what the mutual integration of branded services is and know how to create an integrated and effective ecosystem from them.

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