Google and Samsung will create their own messenger

Google and Samsung

Samsung in its press release announced a new joint project with Google. Both companies will work on the compatibility of their own messengers Samsung Messages and Android Messages. According to the statement, cooperation should improve the quality of applications. Both companies also plan to promote the RCS standard.

Many operators have already adopted RCS (Rich Communication Services) – this is the standard for integrated messenger applications developed by the GSMA International Mobile Communications Association. We talked about RCS in detail here. The initial goal of the standard was to replace classic SMS messages. It is particularly actively promoted by Google.

RCS: Soon on All New Samsung Smartphones

Samsung also believes in new technology and in the future is going to equip it with all smartphones running Android 9.0 and higher. Currently, RCS supports Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, Note 8, Note 9 and some A and J series smartphones, which will be named later.

Google and Samsung
Google and Samsung

If both instant messengers turn out to be compatible through the RCS standard, users will be able (unlike classic SMS) to create group chats and make group calls, as well as send videos and images without installing other instant messengers.

This raises the question of why users should become interested in this new Google-Samsung messenger in general if WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook already offer all the necessary functions. We hope that corporations will soon answer this question.