What is Android One and Android Go?

Google marketed smartphones under the Andrid On the label, which are not manufactured by Google themselves but use classic Android in the same way as the Pixel series devices. One of the arguments in their favour, Google calls the increased battery life, since only the main applications will work in the background. These include, for example, Google Assistant, as well as cloud storage for Google Fotos and Google Lens, with which you can get information about the object from its photo.

In addition, Google Play Protect antivirus software is installed on every Androd On a smartphone. Other nice bonuses are unlimited memory (Google Fotos) and intuitive controls.

The point of using this version of Andrid is that smartphones with Android One receive regular updates for the security system and the entire OS. All applications from the Play Market work on these devices, even despite their low price, which is much lower than that of the top models of well-known companies.

What is Android Go?

Andrid Go is a special version of Andrid 8 specifically designed for low-cost devices. Its main advantage is that the user will have more free memory at their disposal since the size of the Go operating system is half that of the classic Adroid 8.

All pre-installed Google applications, such as Google Assistant or Gmail, work here in the Go-version. Such applications require significantly less space in internal and RAM memory. Also, Android Go comes preloaded with the Files Go app, which allows you to quickly get rid of old and unnecessary files. There are also convenient functions for the Play Market.

Like Android One, Google Play Protect is installed. Also for Go, there are third-party applications that are optimized for budget smartphones – for example, Skype Lite.

In general, Android Go is a convenient operating system for low-cost gadgets, allowing you to use useful applications even on devices with limited functionality.