Top 5 supercomputers in the world


These machines can certainly open several tabs in Google Chrome, although they are designed for more important things. We tell you where the most powerful supercomputers of 2018 are located.

What are supercomputers used for?

Supercomputers perform various computations requiring high power. These include, for example, modelling in quantum mechanics, the calculation of climatic parameters, the study of thermonuclear fusion, or calculations for biomedical purposes. Technolgoy

In addition, supercomputers make calculations for nuclear weapons research and cryptanalysis. In Europe, these machines are even subject to the law on arms export control. As a standard test for supercomputers, the High-Performance Linpack test is used.

The power of supercomputers is measured in flops (flops) – this is an off-system unit that shows the number of floating point operations performed by a computer in one second.

#1 Summit, USA

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Summit was built by IBM and is located in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States. It runs on 2,397,824 cores based on Power9 processors and NVIDIA V100 GPUs. They provide a maximum processing power of 143.5 petaflops.

#2Sierra, USA


The second supercomputer in the ranking is also located in the United States. Sierra conducts its calculations in the Livermore National Laboratory, its productivity is 94.6 petaflops with 1,572,480 cores. It also uses IBM’s Power9 processors and NVIDIA’s V100 GPUs.

#3 Sunway TaihuLight, China


This computer is originally from China – Sunway TaihuLight is located in the National Supercomputer Center in Wuxi. Computing power is 93 petaflops with 10 649 600 cores. It runs on 40,960 Sunway SW26010 processors.

#4 Tianhe-2A, China

Fourth place also takes China. Tianhe-2A is located at the National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou. The maximum computing power of the computer is 61 petaflops. The supercomputer runs on Intel Xeon E5 with a total of 4,981,760 cores.

#5 Piz Daint, Switzerland

The fastest European supercomputer is in Switzerland. Piz Daint is located in the Swiss National Supercomputer Center. Its capacity is 21 petaflops, the machine runs on Intel Xeon E5 and Nvidia Tesla P100 with a total number of 387,872 cores.

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