Which smartphones will receive an upgrade to Android 10 Q (list)

smartphones The release of the tenth version of the popular Android operating system begins – at the beginning only for Google smartphones. So far, the American group has not announced exactly what the OS will be called under the letter “Q”, but beta testers have already managed to test five versions of the new system.

If you have an Android Q-compatible device, you can also test the beta version of the system by downloading it from the official website of the developer.

What’s New in Android 10 Q

In the current beta version of Android Q on Google Pixel 3, numerous changes are already visible, which are likely to be transferred to other smartphones in the final version of Android Q. Among the main features are the emergence of night mode (dark theme), power consumption optimization, improved security and automatic installation of system updates.

New gestures for managing the interface will appear, including swipe to the side to return to the previous page (just like in iOS). Also, Android promise to add a Live Caption function, with which it will be possible to turn on subtitles for playing video and audio files. In the new Android, it will be possible to restrict access to geolocation when taking photos

It will also be possible to sort notifications, giving priority to messages from certain applications. In more detail about the new system features, we wrote in a separate article .

These phones will get upgraded to Android 10 Q

In the table, we have collected smartphones that are most likely to receive an Android update. We will update this list when new data becomes available.

ManufacturerModelAndroid 10When the update arrives
AsusZenfone 5zWill receiveBeta is already available
BqAquaris x2Not confirmedNo information
Aquaris x2 proNot confirmedNo information
EssentialPhone Ph1Will receiveBeta is already available
GooglePixelWill receiveBeta is already available
Pixel XLWill receiveBeta is already available
Pixel 2Will receiveBeta is already available
Pixel 2 XLWill receiveBeta is already available
Pixel 3Will receiveBeta is already available
Pixel 3 XLWill receiveBeta is already available
Pixel 3aWill receiveBeta is already available
Pixel 3a XLWill receiveBeta is already available
Honor8XWill receiveNo information
tenWill receiveNo information
10 LiteWill receiveNo information
20Will receiveNo information
20 LiteWill receiveNo information
20 ProWill receiveNo information
Magic 2Not confirmedNo information
Note 10Not confirmedNo information
PlayNot confirmedNo information
View 20Will receiveNo information
HTCU11UnlikelyNo information
U11 +UnlikelyNo information
U11 Life (Android One)Will receiveNo information
U12 +UnlikelyNo information
HuaweiMate 10Will receiveNo information
Mate 10 proWill receiveNo information
Mate 20Will receiveNo information
Mate 20 LiteWill receiveNo information
Mate 20 proWill receiveBeta is already available
Mate 20 RS Porsche DesignWill receiveNo information
Mate 20 XWill receiveNo information
Mate 20 X 5GWill receiveNo information
P 20Will receiveNo information
P 20 LiteUnlikelyNo information
P 20 ProWill receiveNo information
P 30Will receiveNo information
P 30 LiteWill receiveNo information
P 30 ProWill receiveNo information
P Smart 2019Will receiveNo information
P Smart + 2019Will receiveNo information
P smart zWill receiveNo information
Y6 2019UnlikelyNo information
LGG8 thinqWill receiveBeta is already available
G8s ThinQWill receiveBeta is already available
V50 ThinQWill receiveNo information
MotorolaMoto G6Will receiveNo information
Moto G6 PlusWill receiveNo information
Moto G7Will receiveNo information
Moto G7 PlayNot confirmedNo information
Moto G7 PlusWill receiveNo information
Moto G7 PowerNot confirmedNo information
One (Android One)Will receiveNo information
One Vision (Android One)Will receiveNo information
Z3 playWill receiveNo information
Nokia2.2 (Android One)Will receiveNo information
3.1 (Android One)Will receiveNo information
3.2 (Android One)Will receiveNo information
4.2 (Android One)Will receiveNo information
5.1 (Android One)Will receiveNo information
5.1 Plus (Android One)Will receiveNo information
6.1 (2018) (Android One)Will receiveNo information
6.1 Plus (Android One)Will receiveNo information
7 Plus (Android One)Will receiveNo information
7.1 (Android One)Will receiveNo information
8 Scirocco (Android One)Will receiveNo information
8.1 (Android One)Will receiveBeta is already available
9 Pureview (Android One)Will receiveNo information
OneplusfiveWill receiveNo information
5TWill receiveNo information
6Will receiveBeta is already available
6TWill receiveBeta is already available
6T McLarenWill receiveBeta is already available
7Will receiveBeta is already available
7 ProWill receiveBeta is already available
OppoRenoWill receiveBeta is already available
Realme3 ProWill receiveBeta is already available
SamsungGalaxy A6 (2018)Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A6 + (2018)Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A7 (2018)Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A8 (2018)Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A9 (2018)Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A10Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A20Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A20eNot confirmedNo information
Galaxy A40Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A50Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A70Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy A80Will receiveNo information
Galaxy foldWill receiveNo information
Galaxy J6Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy J6 +Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy J8Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy J8 +Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy M10Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy M20Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy M30Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy Note 8UnlikelyNo information
Galaxy Note 9Will receiveNo information
Galaxy Note 10Will receiveNo information
Galaxy S8UnlikelyNo information
Galaxy S8 +UnlikelyNo information
Galaxy S9Will receiveNo information
Galaxy S9 +Will receiveNo information
Galaxy S10Will receiveNo information
Galaxy S10 +Will receiveNo information
Galaxy S10eWill receiveNo information
Galaxy Tab S4Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy Tab S5eNot confirmedNo information
Galaxy Tab A 10.1Not confirmedNo information
Galaxy Tab A 10.5Not confirmedNo information
SonyXperia 1Not confirmedNo information
Xperia 10Not confirmedNo information
Xperia 10 PlusNot confirmedNo information
Xperia XZ 2Not confirmedNo information
Xperia XZ 2 CompactNot confirmedNo information
Xperia XZ 2 PremiumNot confirmedNo information
Xperia XZ 3Will receiveBeta is already available
VivoX27Not confirmedBeta is already available
NEX SWill receiveBeta is already available
NEX AWill receiveBeta is already available
XiaomiPocophone F1Will receiveNo information
Mi 8Will receiveFourth quarter 2019
Mi 8 Explorer EditionWill receiveFourth quarter 2019
Mi 8 ProWill receiveFourth quarter 2019
Mi 9Will receiveBeta is already available
Mi 9 SEWill receiveFourth quarter 2019
Mi A2 (Android One)Not confirmedNo information
Mi A2 LiteNot confirmedNo information
Mi MIX 2SWill receiveFourth quarter 2019
Mi MIX 3Will receiveFourth quarter 2019
Mi MIX 3 5GWill receiveBeta is already available
Redmi k20 proWill receiveBeta is already available
Redmi k20Will receiveFourth quarter 2020
Redmi note 7Will receiveFirst quarter 2020
Redmi note 7 proWill receiveFirst-quarter 2020

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