Cooking foil caps: is 5G dangerous?


5G smartphones – the new enemy of the people?

Radiation from mobile phones has been criticized for carcinogenicity for many years. A lot of research has already been done on this topic, but suspicions have not yet been found either confirmation or rebuttal. With the construction of even more high-performance communication lines, of course, there is even more concern about whether radiation can even more negatively affect human health.

A known burden from mobile phones is electromagnetic rays, which are found, for example, in a microwave oven, albeit in a weakened form. A key indicator for radiation from mobile phones is the SAR value.

The SAR for each mobile phone is indicated in two ways. One is the result of measurements near the ear during a telephone conversation, the second – when carrying the device on the body. The SAR value can be found in the standard user guide or on the website of the manufacturer of your gadget. With a value below 0.6, the devices have a low radiation level, the maximum possible by world standards is SAR 2. Phones with 5G support satisfy all security requirements and do not emit “more than necessary”.

Will 5G definitely kill everyone?

With the development of the cellular network, new studies were launched to study the effect of 5G radiation on people.

  • Different studies lead to different conclusions, but mobile phone radiation is still too “new” to determine the long-term health impact and make a qualified statement.
  • One thing is for sure – networks continue to evolve. Many mobile operators want to build more towers. They have to place more transmitters, but they have reduced radiation power. This means that you have to build towers closer to residential buildings.

The only thing you can say for sure is that 5G will not kill you. At least not right away 🙂