How to improve the Google Adsense advertising revenue increase advertising click price?

If you are interested in the price of Adsense advertising, you can refer to some of the opinions of this article to learn the improvement of the unit price of advertising. About the factors affecting the revenue of Google Adsense advertising, I am quick to apply for the Google AdSense account approved in the article new website. In the Q&A session, Adsense does not know what to do on the website. These factors are the click-through rate and the number of impressions and the unit price of the advertisement.

At the same time, in another article, how to improve the Google Adsense advertising revenue increase advertising click-through rate article to share the ad click rate adjustment ideas and techniques to increase the click-through rate to 2%, can not pay attention to our public number Du Jin or my blog, Dosto Gold, to view, today this article is mainly to explain how I personally improve the operating skills of Adsense advertising unit price.

Before you understand the unit price of an ad, let’s take a look at what factors affect the price of Adsense ads.

What are the factors affecting the price of Adsense advertising?

The easiest thing to think about is keywords, advertising formats, advertising areas, in addition to advertising locations, visitor quality, and finally smart pricing. Smart pricing is also the most easily overlooked piece because my current national account number is The quality of the website is lowered by the quality of the website. However, after optimization, the average unit price of the website is still greatly improved.

What is the average cost-per-click (CPC)?

Cost-per-click (CPC) refers to the cost of advertising once clicked on an AdSense ad. Currently, the CPC in the Chinese-speaking area is generally low. I have learned from some blog friends that some of the data shows that the unit price is relatively low, most of the blogs. The main feedback to me is that the average price per click is about $0.02-$0.60. .

Maybe because we are Chinese bloggers, blogs don’t create content around high-priced keywords, so the average unit price is very low. The price of CPC in my personal blog is more than $0.3, as it was yesterday. For $0.43, my unit price was $0.03-$0.15 before optimization. At that time, I didn’t study the unit price.

The impact of keywords on advertising unit price

Regarding the impact of keywords on unit price, I believe that everyone knows the principle. A high-price product audience is naturally a high-income group, or the sentence I said in the blog. The closer you create the content, the closer your income will be. The higher, then what kind of keywords are close to the money? For example, insurance, products under the financial classification are usually keywords of high CPC, and the specific keywords involved in these categories have to be tested by themselves.

The Yangsang Yang Yang in the Adsense group has a website for credit card evaluation. Of course, this is not for everyone to do credit card evaluation. This is just an idea. It is also very important to choose the niche and keywords that suit you!

The impact of advertising on the unit price of advertising

Everyone who knows how to use native ads knows that Adsense’s advertising format can choose graphic ads, image ads, text ads, and graphic ads that are recommended by default. This usually makes your ads look less monotonous. At the same time, graphic ads are higher than the price of plain text ads.

The impact of the advertising area on the unit price of advertising

Generally speaking, the larger the size of the advertisement, the higher the unit price. This is mentioned in the article on the increase in the click-through rate in the previous section. The revenue of the banner advertisement in the sidebar of my blog accounts for 30% of the total revenue of the whole station.

So when you use Adsense ads, if you have a large webpage space, I suggest you choose a large rectangular ad.

The impact of ad position on the unit price of the ad

As you all know, the unit price of the ad that usually appears on the first screen will be higher than the unit price of the ad below, so you can find ways to increase the click-through rate of the first-screen ads on your website.

Tip: In Part boost, the CTR of the articles I have mentioned placing an ad unit at the top of the list, select the advertising graphics mode, and edit the ad unit, text colour and font and graphics to match your own list In order to improve the click-through rate of the first-screen ads.

The impact of visitor quality on the unit price of the ad

Recently, we have talked about the number of cookies filled in. I also went to the article to study it. By the way, I tested the impact of visitor quality on the ad unit. Everyone knows that Adsense is based on cookies to record the user’s search needs, but in the latest. An Internet file mentions that future cookie-based advertising will be less or less abandoned, because most products in the mobile Internet era are APP mode, and the value of cookies is getting smaller and smaller, but this does not affect our advertising of the Web site.

The effect of smart pricing on the unit price of advertising

Smart pricing quantifies “how your performance” after a user clicks on an ad and increases or decreases the unit price based on conversion rate. So even if we improve the clickthrough rate as mentioned in the previous article, “the final conversion is not achieved, Google will still lower the advertising unit price. “

How to prevent the unit price of advertising from decreasing?

“Smart pricing” will result in lower unit prices. The solution is to improve the content quality and visitor quality of your website or to directly remove your low-quality website ads. In addition, if the unit price is obviously low, there may be a large number of accidental clicks. When many users return or close immediately after clicking, the cost per click will be greatly reduced.

So in the last article, I forgot to remind everyone, while improving the click-through rate, pay attention to reduce the chance of your webpage ads being delayed.

How to find high price keywords?

You can use the Google Adwords keyword planner to determine which keywords are more expensive.

If your niche keyword bid is higher, your CPC will increase proportionally, so if you want to make Adsense earn more, the keywords must be studied, find your industry or yours. The highest price keyword in the niche to do the website.

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