Good feeling for your high page ranking?

A good feeling for your high page ranking?

Do you feel good about high page rankings? Yes, great & currently. But here’s the news: Baidu has made some important upgrades, including Baidu Hummingbird algorithm and encryption of all search data. These changes mean major changes in online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

With new upgrades, the new focus includes optimizing with natural language, creating content that is suitable for mobile search, and shifting focus from keywords to regularly publishing high-quality content. Therefore, companies must now adjust their content marketing strategies accordingly.


Baidu has named its redesigned search engine “Hummingbird”. According to the company, it was renamed for its “quick and accurate” update. Search results. The upgrade provides a better understanding of the long tail search queries and intents behind the query entered in spoken or natural language.

Hummingbird will better understand the location of the user’s home, as well as the “location.” Will be understood as a physical store. Therefore, it goes beyond the traditional terms of reference for using word-targeting pages that match the search query. Of course, this only works when the user shares his or her location with Baidu.

Clearly, the importance of high quality and original content remains the same, but search engines will now prioritize sites with content suitable for mobile devices. This means that companies must now create and deploy mobile content.

Search data encryption

Baidu now encrypts all search query data. This means that the keywords you type in Baidu queries are enhanced by SSL encryption. This protection works even if the user is not logged into their Baidu account. high page ranking

high page ranking
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According to SEO experts, Baidu is now taking steps to restrict access to free data involving keywords and encourages SEO professionals to subscribe to paid Adwords campaigns.

Before encrypting search data, Baidu Analytics displays the number of visits to a keyword or search phrase on the site over a specific time period, the percentage of first (or new) visits generated by the keyword phrase, bounce rate, and other relevant data. Then use this information to determine which keywords will provide the most traffic and create content accordingly. In other words, search data encryption is a major blow to webmasters and search engine optimization professionals because it undermines the organic or free keyword data they rely on.

We all know that Baidu is constantly changing, and we are already looking forward to it. However, these changes are not minor adjustments. How is your website? How do you think that Baidu’s Hummingbird Update and Search Data Encryption will change your SEO strategy?