8 reasons to conduct an SEO review before building a website

SEO review

If you’ve been working in the search engine optimization industry for a long time, you’re inevitably going to have a situation where a brand new website is being planned or an existing website is undergoing a major overhaul and you are being brought in Make sure the new (or new version) website will receive SEO.

SEO review

Unless you have magical dust in your summons and summons, you must also deal with the fact that you are called after the new website has been planned. Or more likely, the build has already taken place. Or worse, it is done and in startup mode. Unfortunately, this is the wrong time to do SEO, not to mention the SEO review.

Keyword focus

If you don’t know which keywords to follow, you can really understand or understand the topical focus you need to convey across the entire site. Of course, you may have already written the content & ndash; maybe even from a previous website. In addition to the current data for the current trend topic, your message may not matter now. Or even if it is relevant, it may lack the focus necessary for current search trends.

Keyword research is critical in SEO audits. Not only do you need to stay up-to-date on the relevance and trends, but you also need to help reveal the real competitors that are currently ranking the main topics you need to focus on.

URL structure

Many times, marketers or website designers or developers know that they need to provide content related to a service or product, as well as information about a company or business, but without first conducting an SEO review, there can be no keyword research. The correct seeding URL is executed. Only after performing keyword research can you understand what the URL structure needs.

Content organization

The URL structure is an integral part of the content organization and is based on the theme organization. Without the right SEO review, you don’t know the best way to organize content on your site. Of course, you can guess, or “think.” You know, but it’s like throwing a dice (wrongly) to believe “good enough” & rdquo; very good, very good. If you don’t figure out the content organization plan before the site is built or rebuilt, it will eventually lead to partial dilution.

Content depth

If you don’t have the right SEO review, how do you know the amount of content you need, whether it’s a single page, the whole part, or the entire website? Only the right review can reveal the best point in your goal setting plan in order to achieve competitive success. Only the best position to meet the focus of the topic will show you how much content you need.

Inbound link plan

Only the appropriate SEO review can reveal the details of the link build plan, which is based on a combination of the first four reasons you need to review first. Depending on the keywords you need in your inbound link combination, and the URLs you’re about to target, which content groups require how much link build work to support, complement or overcome the content depth factor.

Social media needs

Without proper auditing, social media planning is another dark shot. Maybe you will succeed in reaching potential customers or customers, but even if you do, you will not be able to maximize the value of your work without a website review.

A properly executed audit will reveal detailed information about your target market, competitive landscape and opportunities for social media planning. Again, the best point grid will help identify some of them and an understanding of the priority of these topics.

Production costs

I can’t tell you how many times I was introduced after the start of production. Let us just say “too much”. Considering all the problems I described above, if you want to get the full value from the SEO work, it will inevitably mean that some production work must be discarded. URL change, content reorganization, topic messaging, launch link build activity …

All of this requires additional funding, which can always be saved by first auditing.


This is actually an important reason – not just for the person performing the audit. Everyone involved in the process, whether they are willing to admit this factor, will reduce the pressure and will reduce a lot of confusion when first conducting an audit.

SEO review