WordPress performance optimization

WordPress performance optimization

WordPress is currently the most popular cms (content management) program. In addition to being used as a blog, WordPress can also use WordPress’s rich ecosystem to make programs such as shopping malls. However, many users found that the website opened very slowly after installing WordPress. Coralda Studio has been doing WordPress secondary development for three years. The following are some of the most useful ways to optimize WordPress by Coralda Studio:

1. PHP must use PHP7, compared to the previous version, PHP7 performance has been greatly improved.

2. Turn on opcache and save compilation time

3. Performance tuning of the MySQL database

4. Use redis as the data cache, the data that can be placed in the memory should not be placed on the disk. After all, the CPU reads memory faster than the speed of reading the disk by several orders of magnitude.

5. Performance tuning for Nginx, such as enabling gzip compression, etc.

6.php-fpm for performance tuning

7. Optimize Linux system parameters

8. Install w3 total cache or other excellent cache plugins

9. Turn on CDN, and can also effectively reduce the load on the server.

10. Aggregate files such as js and CSS to reduce the number of requests
Wordpress performance optimization