Search B2B search engine vertically

Search B2B search engine vertically

As users’ expectations for relevance and time-saving capabilities increase, especially in the business world, search becomes more vertical. The driving force of vertical search has led to blog search engines (Technorati), shopping search (Shopzilla), real estate and classified search (Oodle) and even business-related search ( Today, make sure to add another name to the list, and it will be a name that is easy to remember with the launch of the new B2B vertical search engine

Supported by PlanetDiscover Search Technologies, VerticalSearch has more than one million B2B-related pages and real-time B2B news feeds based on search input, providing users with access to critical news and comments related to their search queries.

Currently, in beta (currently not everyone is in beta), VerticalSearch does not currently offer any ads and is accepting site submissions for websites related to the B2B market. Will VerticalSearch become Alibaba in the US B2B market? This remains to be seen. However, with a strong brand image and a highly competitive market, VerticalSearch may become a competitor.

I was a little surprised that they chose the B2B market for the VerticalSearch brand, but the name itself really reminded a front-bubble VerticalNet (now a software maker) vertical B2B industry portal – a good idea, about 4 times ahead of its time Years, and the cost is too high. Perhaps Looksmart should also pay attention to this release because they are trying to reinvent themselves as vertical search and content machines.

“Even in the beta, has proven an impressive and compelling B2B information resource,” said Jeffrey Dearth, founder of LLC. “With the B2B website constantly adding relevant content We will definitely achieve the goal of providing the absolute best B2B resources on the network. By combining the B2B community with deep, relevant and targeted search, we intend to establish new and new B2B companies in the US and globally. Exciting partnership.”

Introducing some local geographic metasearch into a mix (for example, a vendor with a search range of one hundred miles), and VerticalSearch can provide more. Then, of course, it will be LocalVerticalSearch (not a strong brand), but Greg Sterling will definitely be crazy about it.