10 big WordPress Baidu SEO optimization method

WordPress Baidu SEO optimization

WordPress is currently the most widely used website building program in the world, especially foreign bloggers. The slightly professional blog site Alexa ranks within 10,000, because most of their traffic comes from search engines, that is, from Google (Google). Because the WordPress blog program is born for Google (Google), it can be well indexed and ranked in Google (Google), but not for domestic users. Google (Google), which does not comply with Chinese laws, has moved to Hong Kong, and users who use Google (Google) will be fewer and fewer, even if everyone’s Chinese blog has a good ranking in Google, but in the long run, the traffic will be less and less. So we have to turn our attention to Baidu, the largest search engine in China.

Due to the flaws in the WordPress blog program, Baidu is not very cold, and it is not only less included, but also ranked low. Take this site, before the optimization, there are only a few dozens of the one-meter eight, but after optimization, the articles in the blog have all been included in Baidu, and some have also got a good ranking. Because the station is not very early, and there is not a lot of external links, so the weight is not very high, it takes a certain amount of time. The purpose of optimization is to let Baidu include all the articles, and the second is to get a good ranking on Baidu. In line with these two points, one meter eighty eight sums up the method of adding 10 WordPress Baidu SEO optimization.

1. Disable the All in one SEO plugin

All in one SEO plugin is an optimization plugin for foreign bloggers targeting Google (Google). It is very effective for Google (Google) and can get good rankings, but it is fatal for Baidu, not only for your blog. Less included, and the speed of inclusion is still very slow. Before the All in one SEO plugin was disabled, the original article of one meter eighty eight would only be included for a few days, but since it was disabled, the time of collection was shortened to 2 minutes. As for the reason, it is very complicated. I will not explain it here. Just disable it.

2, increase Baidu Ping

Baidu Ping is when you post a new article, WordPress will send a notice to Baidu site, so that Baidu can be included faster. Baidu’s Ping address is http://ping.baidu.com/ping/RPC2. The added method is to open the background. In the writing item in the setting bar, the bottom line has an “update service”, according to the above The method can be increased.

3, do a good job, keyword

Every web page has keywords and descriptions. This is to inform the search engine about what this article is mainly about, and is an important means of search optimization. After we disable the All in one SEO plugin, we need to manually add webpage keywords and descriptions to the webpage template. The keyword can directly call the tag of the article, and the description can also directly call the article summary. The specific method is not listed here, you can search directly.

4, the home page is designed into CMS

Baidu’s inclusion of blogs is not very good, so we should try our best to blog as a CMS website. Baidu’s main reason for judging whether a website is a blog is whether it has a large number of abstracts on its homepage. In addition, Baidu will also intelligently check whether there are other link elements on the homepage of the website, such as image links and text links. Web page layout, etc. Knowing this, we have to pretend to target. First of all, you need to enable the article thumbnail of the WordPress blog program, and call it in the home page list; secondly, try to enrich the sidebar, in addition to calling the latest articles and messages, you can also call random articles, popular articles, etc. CMS style to enrich the home page.

5, increase the current position

The so-called current location refers to the navigation above the article page, as long as it is convenient for the user to know where the article is located. The style of the current position is generally: Home>>Secondary Column>>Third Column>>Text, some people think that this is a chicken rib, but it is optional, but it is very important for Baidu, because it is Baidu’s judgment. The article is the basis of the blog article or the website article, because all the big sites will have the current location at the top of the article page, so Baidu will judge it as all the properties of the site, because the general webpage will not have the current location item.

6, the title of the article should be unique

Search engines prefer original articles, so everyone should try to develop a unique title when writing articles, so for Baidu, half of the opportunities to determine this article as an original article. Some people think that the title is difficult to draw up, especially for those students who are studying science. Here, I will tell you a method. When preparing to write an article, don’t draft a title first. After the article is finished, read the full text and find out a few. Keywords, then the keywords are concatenated, so the title is drawn up. After you have made your plan, put the title in Baidu and search for it to see if there is any difference. If you have it, you can change it.

7, the content of the article should be original

Blogs are used to original articles, not to reprint articles. Since you have made great efforts to build independent blogs, you may wish to spend more effort and try to original articles. This will not only benefit the search engine, but also a certain reader. When you sometimes want to solve a technical problem about the WordPress blog program online, you can find out that 9 of the 10 articles are the same. For those who want to solve the problem, we really despise those. The reprinter wasted the time we were looking for and did not solve our problem. Baidu also emphasizes the importance of the originality of the article in the included rules. Therefore, we should try our original articles as much as possible. Don’t reprint them at random. Even if you reprint, you must also write about 200 words at the beginning of the article. The introductory text, for Baidu, still treat it as an original article.

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8, simple keywords

Because the keywords of the article are the basis of the search engine’s judgment of the article’s attributes, many people add a lot of popular keywords that are not related to this article in order to make the article have a good ranking. It is fatal. Baidu’s control over the article keywords is very strict. In the inclusion rules, it also emphasizes the prohibition of stacking and article-independent keywords. Therefore, when we write the keywords of the article, it is best to only formulate 2-3 keywords related to the article. If the article has a single attribute, then only write one keyword.

9, increase the article inside the chain

The article inner chain refers to the links to articles related to vocabulary in some vocabulary in the article. This will play a vital role in improving the weight of the website, and will increase the chances of the article being searched, which is more convenient. The reader. Search engines like original articles, prefer those reader-oriented and user-friendly behaviors, and the article chain is like this. Increasing the article inner chain will not have a good effect in the short term, but in the long run, it will slowly increase the weight of the article, so that your article will rank higher in the search engine.

10, increase the blog chain

Whether it is a blog or a website, the external chain is very important. If there is no external chain, the blog or website will become an island in the Internet. If there are more external links, it will not only guide the search engine spiders to crawl your website many times. It will also bring more traffic to your website. If the quality of the external chain is better, it will greatly increase the weight of your blog, which is why everyone likes to exchange links with blogs or websites with higher weights. But don’t just add a lot of junk links by opportunistically increasing the outer chain. This will be counterproductive and will lead to the blocking of search engines.

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WordPress Baidu SEO optimization