RSS and Blog Marketing for Real Estate

RSS and Blog Marketing for Real Estate

Earlier this month, Realtors magazine announced that they would publish an article about Tampa Bay real estate agent John Mard and his successful experience in attracting potential customers and media attention on real estate blogs. Since then, many others in the real estate market have been curious about how to implement similar strategies to capture potential customers in their field.

This article is part of a series that explores in-depth the unique ways in which blogging strategies and the use of RSS and/or Atom feeds can be applied as part of a web promotion strategy.

1. Capture better search engine targeting for your local market through blogs.

So far, it’s clear that blogs with unique content can give you better search engine rankings. This advantage has been enhanced when you use blogging software tools to enable you to post on your own server, as we will cover in detail in the second part of this series.

RSS and blogs bring you special online promotional opportunities that can help your blog and its websites rank higher in search engines, in part because of how they are organized. Especially for the narrow local market, this can expand and deepen your audience within 3&ndash. Appropriate implementation for 8 weeks.

So far, this is not the only benefit of blogs or RSS & ndash; although if you are looking for better organic search engine rankings, this might be your answer.

2. Occupy your local niche market by becoming an information resource for buyers and sellers in your area

The convenience of publishing content to a blog, as well as one of the simple ways to implement RSS, with accompanying feeds that enable you to provide new and relevant information, usually at the same time as writing short emails

With the right blog publishing system, the speed at which you can now provide information means that you can post updates more frequently, attracting more attention to your site from search engines and visitors.

After logging in to your blog, links to other relevant parts of your site can attract visitors to the areas you most want them to focus on, such as your updated list & ndash; if you prefer, you can also get it via RSS.

Why choose RSS?

This could mean 100% passing your message to your potential customers who choose to pass these messages to them. Instead of trying to digest all the information on your blog in one visit, they can browse your headlines, read abstracts or post information, and then click through to your site after finding the information that appeals to them.

You can email to supplement those who are more familiar with receiving information in the traditional way.

While promotions and updates via email do not have to be discounted, the use of RSS and other feed formats can help increase the likelihood of promotion.

3. There is another reason to remind potential customers to return to your website – and use multiple feed strategies to shorten the sales cycle

With the power of blogs and RSS, you can build multiple channels of information, each targeting multiple segments of your market. Instead of trying to force your static site to capture buyers and home sellers in your area, and to provide statistics for your area, you can build multiple key areas and build multiple focus areas and Promote it side by side.

For example, if your local area is Frederick, Maryland, you can use a blog and its accompanying feeds for the most recent Frederick list, and then use a separate feed to automatically provide information about the regional school. Increased crime rates, cost of living, and other statistical information will be considered by buyers when making purchase decisions. Separate blogs and feeds on the same site can focus on the needs of family sellers in the area

The possibilities are as endless as the number of markets you want to capture.

It is often said that potential customers who encounter marketing information may need up to seven purchases. So the faster you connect with potential customers, the closer they are to purchasing decisions. If you can provide them with the information they need to make decisions through updates to your website, then the likelihood that they will ultimately make a purchase decision will increase.

Updates to blogs and RSS feeds allow you to do this faster because the production cycle of content only requires the time you need to post that information.

Instead of contacting your web content management department, forwarding content, waiting for the page to be published, then by a search engine, blog selection, you simply log in to the management area, type and publish.

Search engines can also get these pages &ndash faster through the power of joint publishing; people who are already following your feed will receive your updates immediately.

You can use RSS to attract more qualified prospects to your business in a variety of ways, as described in the second part of this series.

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