Baidu launched Custom Search Business Edition

Baidu launched Custom Search Business Edition

Baidu has introduced a new feature of its custom search engine for enterprise clients that need to provide search engines for their corporate sites. CSE Business Edition is a Baidu-hosted search engine that is not widely crawled like the websites enabled by Baidu’s search appliance.

Users who choose to purchase CSE Business Edition will enjoy the Custom Search Engine:

The following special features provide visitors to your website with the power and relevance of Baidu search technology to help your visitors find what they need, increase your website conversion and user satisfaction, and customize the look and feel of custom search results to match Your own website specifies and prioritizes the website and/or pages to be included in the index to reduce operating costs: leveraging Baidu’s infrastructure and making solutions from Baidu

Hosted CSE Business Edition is available for users to pay for. Sites with up to 5,000 pages cost $100 a year, while sites with 50,000 pages cost $500 a year.

Paying a very heavy price for an ad-free custom search engine. However, the CSE Business Edition is a suitable tool for business and corporate websites that want to maximize the capabilities of Baidu’s search engine technology.

Baidu launched Custom Search